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Price: GBP 165 (inc postage within UK)

Copper Loaf Tin

This traditional copper loaf tin is hand-made in Shropshire by Netherton Foundry and is perfect for bread, cakes, patés and terrines. It is made of heavy-duty copper - the best metal for baking as it conducts heat extremely well and evenly across the base and sides.

It is lined with a food-grade approved tin. The tin protects the copper from acidic food and corrosion. The tin is also PLASTIC, PTFE & PFOA free. It is very non stick - I would nevertheless recommend greasing and lining with baking paper. 

Technical specifications:
This tin is the perfect size for small tin loaves and cakes.

Outer: 22cm (8½ inches) long x  14.5cm (5½ inches) wide x 7.2cm (2¾ inches) high
Inner: 17cm (6¾ inches ) long x  12.0cm (4½ inches) wide x 7.2cm (2¾ inches) high

Tin weight: 
779g (1lb 11oz)

Made in the United Kingdom 

Please note:

Use only wooden or silicon spoons and silicon whisks on your loaf tin as metal implements will scratch it (tin is a soft metal).

Over heating to more than 235ºC will melt the tin lining and will distort the tin.
As this is a handmade item, each tin is slightly different.


Please hand wash only when cool (never put a hot tin into cold water). Do not put this beautiful tin in a dish washer.
Don’t use an aggressive scourer or you will rapidly wear through the lining and it will require re-tinning. Always wipe with clean cloths or sponges.

For a soft white tin loaf recipe with a syrupy twist, please see recipes for Yeasted Breads

For recipes for delicious cakes such as bara brith or ginger bread, please see these delicious Cake Recipes.

Price: GBP 290

Victorian Milk Churn Salt and Pepper Grinder

Milk churn-shaped salt and pepper mills would have graced the Victorian dining table.

These beautiful new examples are made from ivorine (a high quality resin used to make billiard balls) with sterling silver banding.

The pepper grinding mechanism is made of durable stainless steel. The salt grinding mechanism is made of a non corrosive nylon. They can both be adjusted to create a coarse or fine grind.

At the top a ‘P’ or ‘S’ is engraved to distinguish the salt from the pepper.

Price for the pair £290 (includes VAT of £48.33)

A beautiful gift to enhance the dining table.

Made in the United Kingdom

H: 3.5 inches/ 9 cm
D: 1.75 inches / 4.5 cm

Please check availability before ordering.