Inspiration for The English Pantry Logo

The inspiration for The English Pantry came from the joy of baking and preserving fresh and wholesome ingredients in the home. Cakes and breads which once could have been bought in a shop are fast disappearing - and in many places already gone. Rather than lose recipes and knowhow, here you have a source of traditional regional recipes, new recipes and inspiration.

The inspiration for The English Pantry logo came from a Victorian butter print. Its interlocking swirls and hearts are delightful. They speak from an era when people took time to make things by hand. They are reminiscent of the inter dependence of ingredients that come together to make a perfect whole. The pattern was turned into a 'mandala' and then simplified to become the final logo.

This website is also a source of handcrafted tools and equipment for the kitchen - made by people who care and who want to preserve quality. They are not the cheapest but they will bring years of pleasure as well as robust and practical functionality.

vintage utter mould
English Pantry mandala
The English Pantru logo
The English Pantry