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'Pantry' was a word originally used for the place where bread was stored - originating from the French 'paneterie' from 'pain' meaning bread. It subsequently became a place for storing a range of foodstuffs, such as bread, butter, eggs, and cheese. 

Today, we associate the pantry with preserves of all kinds and a place - whether a little room or a shelf in the kitchen - to keep good things.

'The English Pantry' is a collection of recipes for breads of all kinds, cakes and preserves to make and enjoy!

Bread_Cottage Loaf


Making bread at home is not as difficult as you think. And it is tastier,  more nutritious and so rewarding. Take a few ingredients - flour, water, salt - and watch them come to life. And the reward? Eating a warm, crust of bread just out of the oven.



There are some amazing regional cakes from all around the UK. Bara Brith, Tea Bracks, Bath Buns, and gorgeously dark chocolate cake are but a few…


Every summer there is a bounty of fresh fruit in the shops, on farms and in the hedgerows. Preserving is like capturing the wonderful colour, sunshine and aromas of summer and putting them all in a jar for when the days are short and dark.

Kitchenalia_Spice box


Every kitchen however modern or old deserves a well-loved spoon, mixing bowl and rolling pin. Special vintage kitchenalia is hard to come by but an eclectic selection of beautiful and unique items has been sourced for your home.

Shop_Baking_Netherton Loaf Tin

Baking Equipment

Well-designed baking equipment is not easy to find. This highly-curated range has been selected for the pleasure of use it as well as functionality. Natural materials and hand-crafted products have been our goal.

Vintage Breadboards Book

Vintage Breadboards

By Madeleine Neave and recipes by Marie Lester
Madeleine inherited her mother's vast collection of bread boards and knives. Marie has always been a keen cook and had been collecting Victorian bread boards for a year or two. The two joined forces to write this unique book.
A great gift for collectors of boards and kitchenalia - and also for cooks.


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